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Youth Building Bridges

posted May 25, 2014, 12:49 PM by Interfaith WS   [ updated May 25, 2014, 3:23 PM ]

When they finished their tour of Protestant, Catholic and Muslim worship centers May 18, the youth making the tour were invited to share ideas of building bridges between their traditions.  You can watch video from the Annoor Center at

Here are some of their spans:


1.     Speak to God more.

2.     Services in different languages.

3.     Going to church services of friends that have different religions.

4.     Interfaith Habitat for Humanity Build

5.     Continue this wonderful dialog. Share time together, asking and answering questions.

6.     Organize more interfaith events

7.     Find commonalities and exercise these

8.     Make sure people completely understand each other and the religion

9.     Your opinion about Islam

10. Do community service together between different religions

11. I think we should have a whole day prohibited to learning different cultures and religions.  We should do activities involved in the histories.

12. Youth groups visiting with ach other.

13. By helping and offering to let them come to church.

14. Interfaith service project. Habitat, food drive.

15. Continue the interfaith tour.  Joint efforts for serving the community.

16. Have more conversations about differences, likenesses and just hanging

17. Service

18. Plan a youth rally with activities

19. Through education about religion

20. Accepting each others beliefs

21. Go to your friends’ church services

22. I think we should teach one another about our religions.  You should say “oh” they are this religion so I’m not socializing.

23. Interfaith service, collect foot, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

24. Be more tolerant of differences between our beliefs but also be aware of the similarities

25. Offer adult learning experiences

26. Groups of several faith traditions for conversations

27. Study world history to get a better perspective about the world

28. By spending more time together

29. Meet new people from different religions

30. Be more accepting understanding and informed about other religions

31. Get more people involved

32. Be better at spending time to learn what other people think

33. Stay open minded and learn about all religions

34. Continue the interfaith tour

35. Be friendly helpful advice find common interests, worship together

36. A ladies and daughters group to do charitable work together

37. Do service projects together

38. My suggestion of people understanding of different religion to have tours like these to get a better understanding

39. Learn what we share

40. More interfaith events

41. Connect with each other

42. Hou could build bridges by discussing other religions and being respectful of others

43. Wear a hijab for a day and see what comments you get

44. Be more accepting of others and more understanding

45. Have worship together

46. Make psa or other interfaith media positive

47. By playing a religion game

48. You should become friends with them, help the out .  Ask questions, sharing things

49. Learn about other traditions and be aware of when our friends are celebrating a holiday

50. Have more of the interfaiths

51. Talk to others about your faith. Don’t be afraid to express your beliefs.

52. If we all try and focus on Christianity as a whole

53. Sometimes have worship at other churches

54. Getting into a building and serve different groups rather than having a collaboration service

55. Get to learn more about different faith and traditions

56. Treat everybody the same way you want to be treated.

57. Tell each other stories

58. Take in hear the similarities and differences of the religions of the world.