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Parker Named Chairperson

posted Dec 9, 2014, 6:53 AM by Interfaith WS

      The Interfaith Winston-Salem Board of Guidance named Drea Parker chairperson of Interfaith Winston-Salem at its December 4 meeting.  Parker, who follows the Pantheist/Naturalist (Pagan) tradition, succeeds Jerry McLeese, who completes the maximum of three terms as chairperson in December.
      Kim Williams was named vice chairperson; David Harold, secretary; and Jim Collins, treasurer.
      The Board approved the appointment of Dr. Michelle Nicolle and Dr. Sita Somara to two-year terms for the Class of 2016 on the Board beginning January 1, 2015.  Dr. Nicolle represents Zen Buddhism, and Dr. Somara represents Hinduism.
      Art Bloom, Imam Khalid Griggs, Rev. Peggy Matthews and Dr. Darlene May were appointed to two-year terms on the Board in the Class of 2016. The following members will serve the second year of two-year terms on the Board in 2015: Jim Collins, Dr. Truman Dunn, Dr. Jay Ford, David Harold, Aaron LaVallee, Seretha Masdon, Dr. Sandy Phocas, Dr. Deon Strickland and Kim Williams.  McLeese will continue on the board in a non-voting capacity as chairperson ex officio. 
      Charter Board member Dr. Peter Lichstein, who was completing his second term, chose not to continue on the board.