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Lectures on Jerusalem

posted Mar 7, 2014, 2:23 PM by Interfaith WS

Jerusalem will be the theme of a series of 7 p.m. lectures at Temple Emanuel in Winston-Salem beginning March 19.  The lectures will be delivered by Dr. Leah Kinberg, a visiting professor at Wake Forest University from Tel-Aviv University.  Temple Emanuel is located at 201 Oakwood Drive.

March 19: The sanctity of Jerusalem in the Three Abrahamic Religions

Jerusalem lives in the hearts of vast numbers of people of different religions and cultures. It has always been observed as an amalgamation of the secular and the profane, and often viewed as the earthly counterpart of the heavenly city of God. What make this place so special? This lecture will focus on the distinct role Jerusalem plays in each one of the main monotheistic religions as demonstrated through the Holy Scriptures on the one hand, and the sacred monuments and relics, on the other hand.

March 26: Jerusalem in the eye of the beholder

The intense emotions aroused by Jerusalem underlie the innumerable ways in which Jerusalem has been depicted. Cartographers and travelers, painters and photographers, all have been using their works to convey their emotions toward a Jerusalem of actuality and imagination, a mixture of Biblical stories and historical facts. While looking at maps, photos, paintings and textual descriptions we will try to decipher the enigmatic attraction of Jerusalem both as an earthly city and a celestial one.

April 2: Jerusalem in Islam

The arrival of the Muslims to Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock, the ascendance of Muhammad to Heaven, Jerusalem as the third holiest site in Islam, Jerusalem as a direction of prayer that was replaced, Jerusalem the neglected, contemporary Islamic rhetoric regarding Jerusalem.