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Interfaith Youth Tour: What Questions Do You Have?

posted Feb 3, 2014, 7:35 AM by Interfaith WS

Area middle school and high school students can visit Protestant, Catholic and Islamic worship centers on Sunday afternoon, May 18 and top off the tour with a free pizza party.  The event is sponsored by Interfaith Winston-Salem.        

This is an opportunity to learn more about the worship traditions and worship places of your neighbors and begin to build new understandings and friendships.  There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

You can pre-register and print your free ticket at  You will be welcome even if you do not have a ticket.

The tour begins at Highland Presbyterian Church, 2380 Cloverdale Avenue, in Winston-Salem with registration at 1:45 p.m. It moves on to Holy Family Catholic Church, 4820 Kinnamon Road in Clemmons around 3 p.m. and to the Annoor Islamic Center, 1435 Lake Cottage Road in Clemmons around 4 p.m.  Youth from different faith traditions are encouraged to meet each other while enjoying the free pizza at Annoor.

Guests are to supply their own transportation.  Maps to Holy Family Catholic Church, Annoor Islamic Center and back to Highland Presbyterian will be available at Highland Presbyterian Church.  Carpooling is encouraged.  Adults are welcome.

These are the kinds of questions you might expect:

·  Why do Muslims pray five times a day?  Do they use the same prayer each time?

·  If Protestants and Catholics are both Christian what is the difference?

·  How do Protestants and Catholics view baptism differently?

·  If the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church, who is the leader of the Protestant Church?

·  What is an imam?

·  What’s the difference between a mosque and a church?  Between a mosque and a masjid?

·  How can Christians say they are monotheists if they believe in the Trinity?

·  Do Muslims worship Muhammad?

·  What do Muslims think about Moses, Jesus and Mary?

·  Why is the symbol of the cross so important to Christians?

·  Why does everyone remove shoes before entering the worship space in a mosque?

·  Why do mosques have striped carpets?

·  Why do Muslim women wear head coverings?

·  Why is Peter so important in the Catholic Church?

Contact Jerry McLeese at for more information.