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Initial Survey Results

posted Jun 19, 2012, 5:17 AM by Interfaith WS

        To date, 60 people have completed Interfaith Winston-Salem’s interest survey during the first six weeks.  The survey remains open at

        Among the activities of interest cited most frequently were festivals, music/dance, storytelling and community service.

        The area of greatest interest among respondents was learning about social justice with 67.8 percent.   Close behind at 66 percent were understanding the Buddha’s journey and life-stage practices of various traditions such as the celebrations of birth, coming of age and death.

        Other topics selected by at least 60 percent of the respondents were festivals (63.3 percent), principles of faith traditions (62.1 percent), relationships with others (61 percent) and pathways to God (60.3 percent).

        On an attitudinal question, there was a wide disparity between how people see themselves treating people of other faiths and how they feel they are treated. While 96.7 percent said they “strongly agree” or “agree” that they always treat people of other faiths with respect, 31.7 percent were either “neutral” or disagreed that “people of other religions always treat me with respect.”

        Of the 60 respondents, 40 were Protestant Christians, 8 were Jewish, 4 Muslim, two Buddhist, one Hindu and seven in other categories.  Age ranges were 60-above (24), 45-60 (21), 30-45 (9), 20-30 (5) and up to 20 (1).