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Collaborating With Shepherd’s Center on “Work Teams”

posted Feb 21, 2014, 12:12 PM by Interfaith WS

Faith community “work teams” are invited to partner with a team from a faith tradition different from their own to work on a home repair or yard work project for an older adult. Teams can be made up of adults or youth (with adult supervision). Nature of the project can vary, based on skills of team members. The goal is to work alongside and form relationships with people from a different faith perspective while meeting the need of a member of our community. 

Spring to Fall volunteer opportunity. Projects to be scheduled at times agreed upon by the teams. 

The Shepherd’s Center will help facilitate the pairing of teams and coordination of projects. While some funds are available for materials, teams may be invited to assist with material costs if they have available resources. Call Linda Lewis at 748-0217 for information, or e-mail at