Frequently Asked Questions:

Who sponsors Interfaith Winston-Salem?

We are an independent nonprofit that depends on the goodness of people and organizations who like what we are doing. Some provide in-kind services while others may make small monetary gifts occasionally. When we are granted tax-exempt status we fill make giving easy by including a “donate” button on this site. We have no sponsors as such. 

With what organizations are you affiliated?

As an independent nonprofit we have no direct affiliations with other organizations. We aren’t sure yet who would want to be affiliated with us. At times we may include links to other sites that provide information or services that you might find interesting. No money changes hands in these situations. 

Who covers the costs of your programs?

We are all-volunteer. Our course leaders offer their services at no cost. When we bring in expensive lecturers we may submit requests for foundation support or ask participants to make donations to defray our expenses. There may be some exceptions during festivals and fairs when vendors rent space. Your gifts are always welcome.

Are contributions to Interfaith Winston-Salem tax-deductible?

For all you kind people who can’t wait to give we’ll be glad to accept your gifts now and let you know as soon as the IRS confers tax-exempt status on us.  We are incorporated in North Carolina as a nonprofit.

Is there a membership fee?

No.  Technically, we do not have members.

Is this too good to be true?

Some might think so.

Who can participate in Interfaith Winston-Salem events?

You and all of your friends.  Enemies, too, if they promise to be nice.

Will there be regular meetings?

Our volunteers tell us to avoid meetings like a plague.  We agree.  We will meet when there's an opportunity to learn.

Is Interfaith Winston-Salem a dialogue group where hard-headed religious people sit around for hours and berate each other?

We’ll turn in our tax-exempt status before we let that happen.

Why are you doing this when efforts like these always seem doomed for failure?

We believe now is the time.  Look around.  How much division do you see?  We believe that IF understanding, then respect.  IF respect, then peace.  Don’t you think so, too?