Compassionate Winston-Salem

 “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

That’s the essence of the Charter for Compassion, and, although it may be stated in different ways, it’s at the heart of all enduring ethical and spiritual traditions.

In Winston-Salem, we see individual and corporate acts of compassion daily.  We also see hunger, homelessness and other problems around us.  For the volunteers in Interfaith Winston-Salem, we want to bring compassion to bear against those issues. 

In August 2013, Winston-Salem officially was recognized by Compassionate Action Network International as part of the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities, making Winston-Salem one of the first 20 cities worldwide and the first in North Carolina to be so recognized.  You and your organization can join the effort. Complete the form at this link, and we'll add your name to list of those who subscribe to the Charter for Compassion. 

You can read the Charter for Compassion at  For more information about living a life of compassion, we encourage you to read a synopsis of Karen Armstrong's 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life.

Interfaith WS,
Jan 25, 2013, 5:38 AM