Prayer for Change

posted Nov 11, 2012, 5:56 PM by Interfaith WS

            Widowed Dorothy, who meditated and prayed regularly, had worked in a government office for eighteen years. Recently, she was transferred to a department where the staff was half her age. Many of them were irresponsible, she said. They argued constantly and left incomplete tasks on her desk.

            Three times a day, she prayed for change, but the change had not come. “I can’t understand why my prayers go unheeded,” she told us. “I’m desperate! My circumstances are all wrong – the people, the work, the place. Yet I can’t find another job. Somebody told me that prayer would not help, but occult practices would. That’s what I’d like to ask you about.”

            Darshani: Occult practices can bring you into contact with powers that may have more of an adverse effect on your life than your current circumstances. Prayer can help if you understand its dynamics.

            Recognize, first of all, that your placement in those circumstances is neither wrong nor accidental. Everything has a purpose: people we meet, places we’re put, events that occur in our lives. To get beyond any unpleasant situation, we have to go through it. The trick is to pass through it in a state of inner surrender without a battle. The key to that is to meet each circumstance as though it were specially designed for you – because it was. Our delightful and rotten circumstances are schools designed to teach us specific lessons. They may not be easy but altering our angle of vision this way can help.

            An effective way to invite a change of circumstances is a prayer of surrender like this: “Lord, if it be your will, remove me to a place where I can function harmoniously.” After the prayer, meditate in silence on peace and love, and drop all thought of your problems. Letting go creates a vacuum in which a change can take place. The problem with praying from a negative inner state is that it impedes the flow of grace.

            You can close your meditation with this prayer: “Lord, if this change is not in your will, if this rain is going to keep pouring down on me, then I won’t ask you for the sun. Just give me the best raincoat that you’ve got.”