Past: Reality Lies Only in the Now

posted Oct 28, 2012, 1:58 PM by Interfaith WS

             Twenty-three-year-old Neville came to my workshop on “Human Relationships and Spiritual Healing.” He worked in a health food store in a small artists’ colony town. Twice a week, he met with a group of friends to discuss Edgar Cayce’s teachings. About two years before he attended the workshop, he lost his parents in a crash of their private plane. Months later, he discovered that Al, his twin brother, had lied to their parents about him and had manipulated them into leaving Neville out of their will. Al inherited their entire estate.

            “When that fact came to light, I wanted to kill him,” Neville said. “If it hadn’t been for my Cayce friends, I would have done it. My hatred has abated somewhat, but it’s still there. Al has a home, a Cadillac, and a beautiful woman. And I’m knocking my brains out to pay my rent.

            “My Cayce friends said that I must have done something terrible to him to merit what he did to me. That thought helped me a lot. If you deserve something, then it’s easier to accept it. Some weeks ago, I saw an ad for past life regressions. It costs a fortune, but perhaps it’s worth it. I’ve got to know what I did to Al to bring this on. My question is: How far back can these past life regressions take me?”

            Darshani: They can take you to the deepest recesses of their imagination and your bank account. Some of them charge hefty fees and do not even believe in reincarnation.

            But suppose you go to one. Let’s say that he or she tells you about the terrible thing you did to the entity who has become your brother. That might devastate you. In Many Mansions, author Dr. Gina Cerminara relates a reading of Cayce’s on a man who had been Nero. Cayce did not tell the man about his past because he knew he could not cope with it. You, too, might be unable to cope with what you hear. Soon you would wonder what Al could have done to you to cause you to commit such an act. On and on it would go. No beginning, no end.

            Another problem with such a past-life focus is confusion. Your brother may have been your father or your son. When we experience a different past relationship with someone in our current scenario, life becomes confusing. How should you relate to this woman in your bed who once bore you in her womb?

            N. Would you say that Cayce’s work is useless?

            D. On the contrary. Edgar Cayce was a phenomenon. Through his extraordinary powers of clairvoyance, he prescribed, diagnosed, and cured people throughout the world of physical and mental ailments that defied conventional medicine. Cayce never read past lives to appease idle curiosity or to get rich. He did it only to alleviate suffering. But we must face this face: the Edgar Cayces of our world are very, very few and very far apart!

            N. Then how shall I deal with this anger in me?

            D. Take Cayce’s teachings to a deeper level in yourself. Talking about them is one thing, but unless we meditate on them, they will not transform us. Reflect on the fact that Al is reading from a script that he did not write. The script is based on the law. Behind the law stands the Director. By leaning on the Director’s arm, Cayce says, our consciousness changes, for he is Truth and Light. We find the Director’s arm by learning to surrender to all that happens to us, by knowing that whatever occurs does so for our ultimate good. As for the law, we must accept the fact that it is just. We should not fight it, but trust that every payment asked of us is the right price for a debt we incurred.

            Life passes quickly. Enslaved by desire and fear, we dwell on the past and dream of the future, and we miss the whole point. The point is the present. That is all we have and that is all we are. Past is memory. Future is imagination. Reality lies only in the now.