Guilt: It's Never Too Late to Make Amends

posted Jul 1, 2012, 5:13 PM by Interfaith WS

     Twenty-year-old Shawn had long hair and wore a wide red band around his forehead and a gray T-shirt with the words, "The New Age Is Here." He carried a heavy load of guilt. While his father was dying of cancer, he had hung out with the drug crowd in his town. "I didn't spend enough time with him," he told us. “'Now it's too late. He's dead. Is there anything I can do to appease my guilt?"

    Darshani. First of all, let us look at the word "death.” Existence cannot die. Existence is eternal. No one goes beyond it. No one can pass out of it. Existence is the underlying substratum of all that is. Superimposed upon it are temporary names and forms that rise and subside like waves in the ocean. Death refers to the dissolution of the elements of the body in all their permutations, not to the being. When the elements of the body decay and can no longer express the progress of the spirit within, the Consciousness withdraws itself. If a person has not attained God-Realization in this birth, he or she will be born again and again in different forms.

    Shawn. What happens to people at death and between lives?

    Darshani. Spiritual masters tell us that at death, the being enveloped by the subtle body, leaves the gross body through the head. If the being has strong attachment to people, places, and things, it may remain earth bound for a long time. Then it goes to different plane of existence where it experiences the fruits of its actions in this life. After it passes through those experiences it rests in a state of quiescence until it is time to start a new life. You can understand this process clearly through books written by C. W. Leadbetter and Annie Besant about the astral plane, the astral body and what happens after "death."

    In the light of this, let's take an objective look at your guilt. You are young. When you were hanging out with the drug crowd, you were even younger. What were your values in those years? What thoughts filled your mind? If you had spent more time with your father then, would your values and thoughts have helped his moods and feelings and your relationship with him? In all probability, your proximity to him at that time might have had an adverse effect.

    Now is the time to contact your father. Now that your heart is open and you are channeling higher forms of energy, you can help him. He may not be clothed in a physical sheath, but he may, in fact, be sitting closer to you than the woman on your right.

    Sit in the silence for some minutes every morning and evening. Relax your body, and slow down your breathing. Visualize your father if you can, and mentally repeat his first name. When all your mental static stops and you have made a clear inner contact, send him thought-waves of love and peace from the recesses of your heart. This regular practice will do more for your father's spirit than years of unenlightened conversation.

    It is never too late to make amends.